About me

Hi. My name is Hannah and I'm a 23 year old Coffee Barista from the South of England, but my main passion in life is anything and everything related to beauty! I spend most of my free time reading beauty blogs, watching YouTube makeup/hair tutorials or shopping for new products. I have become more and more obsessed with nails over the last couple of years so I am currently training to become a Nail Technician. It's taken me until the age of 23 to decide what career path I want to take, but I'm glad I took my time and found my own way here.

When I'm not working or trailing the Internet for beauty tips, I love to workout. I only started running and going to the gym recently and I'm shocked by how much I enjoy myself. I always used to laugh at the people who said they 'enjoyed' the gym.. but now I have become one of those people and I couldn't be happier! 

I have a boyfriend in the navy, which is extremely hard at times, but our relationship has become stronger for it. When he's home with me we love going to the cinema, rock climbing and I love dragging him out for nice dinners.

So that's pretty much me summed up. I hope you enjoy my blog, make sure you comment and tell me a little bit about yourself.


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